Sarah Jane-Harrison-Hen Party

Posted by Derek Hughes on 29th March 2022.

Sarah Jane-Harrison-Hen Party

Sarah Jane-Harrison-Hen Party

In March we had the privilege and honour of providing our mobile cocktail bar service for a cocktail demonstration for a lovely group of ladies in Ruthin, North Wales. Sarah Jane-Harrison-Hen Party was definitely one not to be missed!

What a lovely, gorgeous hen party it was; we were so very lucky with the weather for all the of the time we were unloading and re-loading our car, as the Spring sun was out, late into the afternoon/early evening.

The atmosphere was really relaxed and chilled outside the house, where we were working and the and decorations inside the house, added to the ambience to the party.

We set up the “pop up” mobile cocktail bar, on the outside balcony of the house and the bar fitted in perfectly in this space. Our client had chosen a small but fabulous selection of alcoholic cocktails including a Singapore Sling, Porn Star Martini and a Long Island Iced Tea. We are able to serve up to 10 x cocktails for larger events as we customise our services to the individual occasion.

We arrived a couple of hours before the event, not only set the bar up but also to make sure we had 3 x ‘work stations’ so that the 3 x hens can come up to the bar afterwards to make their own cocktails and drink them afterwards. Once we had demonstrated how to make one first with a very brief history of how the cocktail was invented.

The guests enjoyed themselves either chatting/relaxing in front of the bar area or sitting back down on chairs around the fabulous tables. So there was plenty of room to chill and enjoy the cocktails, so all were able to relax, drink and eat and generally have a great time.

Sarah the lovely host and bride to be, seemed to be enjoying herself and having a great time!

Cheshire Cocktails have an amazing, dedicated team who did a fantastic job on the night as always working hard to ensure that each occasion is successful! The whole team enjoyed the party too and received a very warm welcome.

A good afternoon/night was had by all.

Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team!


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