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Posted by Derek Hughes on 20th January 2018.

We are back!! We have been a little busy lately updating our website with a brand new website. The old site was so outdated we decided the time had come to start from scratch. Compared to our old website the new web site is a massive improvement and we couldn’t be more happier! We are so impressed with the layout and design, not just from a visual point of view, but finding your way round the site is so much easier!

It is now a much more vibrant and colourful website, not like the plain white background of our previous website! The old site did have a gallery however we have now removed that and spread the photographs around the website. Alternatively, we are now going to incorporate our best pictures of the night in future events into that specific blog – that way you will know that picture is from that event! We have simplified the event types into 3 categories: weddings, corporate events and parties.

Feel free to take a closer look if you are thinking of organising any type of event. If you fancy making some cocktails yourself at home, then we have added a recipe page so you can mix your favourite cocktails! Who knows – you may decide to take up being a cocktail mixologist!

We hope you enjoy looking around our new website and find it useful.

“Mix it up” – Derek & the team



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