Mobberley Christmas Event

Posted by Derek Hughes on 16th February 2018.

Mobberley Christmas Event

The weekend before Christmas we worked in Mobberley, Cheshire in a lovely modern, country house. It was for 50-60 guests. We were made to feel very welcome by our clients Luciano and Nikki and it was a fantastic evening. Everyone was in fine spirits and ready to party. The festive season was upon us!

We supplied the ‘pop up’ cocktail bar, all smaller related cocktail making equipment, glassware and 3 x members of staff. It took us roughly 2 hours to set up the bar situated in the open kitchen / dining room. This was a perfect location and easy accessible for the guests. The guests were mostly gathered in the kitchen area, with some deciding to chill out in the cosy living room. At the beginning of the evening we helped out by serving glasses of Prosecco and going around the rooms topping everyone up. Then afterwards the canapes were served and the party was in full swing. There was a real good vibe around the house with party classics blaring out of the speakers, and even my bar staff were having a boogie!

On the night we offered 3 alcoholic cocktails: Margarita, Mojito and strawberry daiquiri. We also served a Pineapple surprise which was a non-alcoholic option. The cocktails went down a treat however one drink that was popular on the night turned out to be the classic Gin & Tonic – G&T, G&T!! We definitely took the most orders on this refreshing drink!

At the end of the night one of the guests said how we “make a beautiful Gin & Tonic” which we really appreciate, and makes us happy knowing our clients are pleased with our service. The whole night was a success and went smoothly.

We hope Luciano and Nikki enjoyed their night, just as much as we enjoy doing these events.

“Mix it up” – Derek & the team


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