Little Guinness-Shot

Posted by Derek Hughes on 23rd March 2022.

Little Guinness-Shot

Little Guinness-Shot

Hello Spring and what a lovely, sunny day it is. Let’s hope this is the start of some sustained, great weather. Also, a belated Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Whatever shenanigans you got up too, hope you had a great day, without any sore heads!

We thought we would show you how to make another cocktail, called the Little Guinness-Shot or Baby Guinness-Shot (as it is also known). Their is not a lot of information regarding the origin/history of the Little Guinness-Shot. However, we know (that the drink is very popular at all our events) that we do. We also make a lot of the drinks on/around St. Patrick’s day, a popular date in March too. When you ‘down it in one’ it tastes so lovely!

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment.

A combination of the following 2 x drinks, which equal 50ml.

Tia Maria or (Kalhula)


Shot Glass (or something similar from your cupboard)

Bar or Tea Spoon

Cocktail Pourers

This is a fairly straight forward cocktail to make but also very easy to drink too.

To make this cocktail, you will need to follow these simple steps:

Pour the Tia Maria and the Baileys drinks, as slowly as you can, (in the above order), against the back of the bar spoon and the inside of the glass (to get good/defined layers), into the shot glass. Making it look good! You will need to leave (roughly 5mm) from the top of the glass, to pour the Baileys on top of the drink.

Kick yourself back, relax and enjoy!

Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite cocktail at this time of year? Message us please and let us know, thank you in advance.

Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team! x

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Our Little Guinness!


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