James Lawson-Miln Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Posted by Derek Hughes on 27th January 2022.

James Lawson-Miln Surprise 40th Birthday Party

James Lawson-Miln Surprise 40th Birthday Party

In January we had the privilege and honour of providing our mobile cocktail bar service for a surprise 40th birthday party, for James (with the help) of his wife Alexia. The bemused look on James’s face said it all as he came into the house! All his close family and friends were waiting for him to arrive in the house. What a happy group of people they all were.

As each guest arrived at the beginning of the night, we also presented each guest with a glass of Fizz, as a ‘Welcome Drink’. This set the tone for the rest of the evening.

What a lovely, gorgeous party it was; we were very lucky with the weather for all the of the time we were unloading, although later on in the evening, the outside temperature did drop a little bit, by the time we were packing up.

The atmosphere was really relaxed and chilled inside the house, where we were working and the 40th balloons, “hanging photographs” and decorations, added to the ambience to the party.

We set up the “pop up” mobile cocktail bar, inside the dinning room on the left hand side, as you walked through the door of the room, and the bar fitted in perfectly in this space. Our client had chosen a small but fabulous selection of alcoholic cocktails including Mai Tai, Mojito, Dark & Stormy and a Bellini. The non alcoholic cocktail chosen were Pineapple Surprise. We are able to serve up to 10 x cocktails for larger events as we customise our services to the individual occasion.

We arrived a couple of hours before the event, not only set the bar up but also set up the glass washer machine as part of our bar set-up too. Which was set up this time in the garage, with access to a sink. So that we were all able up to keep with the demand for sparkly clean glasses throughout the evening.

The guests enjoyed themselves either chatting/relaxing in front of the bar area or sitting back down on chairs around the fabulous cold buffet table. So there was plenty of room to chill and enjoy the cocktails, so all were able to relax, drink and eat and generally have a great time.

Alexia the lovely host, seemed to be enjoying herself and having a great time!

Cheshire Cocktails have an amazing, dedicated team who did a fantastic job on the night as always working hard to ensure that each occasion is successful! The whole team enjoyed the party too and received a very warm welcome.

A good night was had by all.

Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team!

“Good Evening Derek I hope you've had a lovely restful Sunday. I just wanted to thank you again for everything last night. I've never had anyone to help before when we've had family and friends over and I had an idea of what to expect but you, Matt and Sian exceeded any preconceptions I had. You were all so professional, kind, helpful and made amazing cocktails. Everyone commented on how lovely you all were and how good the cocktails were. I've also passed your details on as friends were interested for anything they may do at home in the future. It was also really lovely to meet Jackie. Thank you also for helping to occupy Louis before everyone arrived. I am so happy I asked you to help and I would love to have you all back again in the future. I also solved the mystery of the missing glass...someone very kindly made my eldest, Harry, a mocktail which he took to bed and I found in his room so it's washed and ready to drop by to you. I can do this whenever suits you. Kind Regards Alexia & James x ”

Alexia Lawson-Miln


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