“It’s all about the glasses”

Posted by Derek Hughes on 27th December 2019.

“It’s all about the glasses”

It’s all about the glasses”

One of the most important decisions before making any cocktail, is to make sure you have matched the correct glass, for the cocktail. Their is nothing worse than serving a cocktail that has been mixed properly with care and attention and it ends up in the wrong type of glass. Whatever you decide to use, you will need to check the glass is clean, shiny, free from chips and marks- worst offender is lipstick. Always try to hold the glass, by either the stem or the base of the glass, this is to help avoid unnecessary finger print and smears which are not acceptable. It is not professional to put your fingers inside the glass and if it looks dirty, the solution is to always re-wash the glass, no short-cuts! then polish the glass afterwards with a clean dry tea towel without fibers.

When we are working at any event, we collect empty bottles and dirty glasses using non slip trays, this is much easier and efficient for the staff.

When mixing cocktails we ensure the glasses are cold by placing ice cubes in the cocktail glass, while mixing the cocktail, allowing the glass to chill nicely, nothing worse than a warm glass!

We quite often get asked, what types of glass do you bring with you? The simple answer to this is, once you have chosen your 10 x (maximum) preferred cocktails, then we know what types of glass we need to bring along with us. We ensure we have a good variety of glasses for each event and the different types of drinks, it definitely is as important as the taste, all the senses are involved.

Occasionally, we get asked to provide plastic glasses, this is not a problem either as may suit the event better and we aim to really look after the customers needs with their requirements. But importantly we try to ensure that they are recyclable plastic as we like to look after the environment too.

Relax and enjoy! When making your cocktails.

Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team!


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