David Johnson birthday party Holmes Chapel

Posted by Derek Hughes on 25th January 2020.

David Johnson birthday party Holmes Chapel

David Johnson birthday party Holmes Chapel

On the first weekend of the year, we were asked back again for a third time, for David’s birthday party in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. It is always very pleasing and great fun to be asked back to previous venues and meeting up with same client with his lovely friends and relatives. Cheshire Cocktails must be doing something right!

The first guests to arrive at the house were surprised and delighted that we were serving delicious drinks which they could choose from the menu of cocktails. We decided to mix the following cocktails from our “pop up” mobile cocktail bar, located just inside the dining room, this is our usual spot.

The drinks included, Singapore Sling, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Pina Colada, Long Island Iced Tea, Harvey Wallbanger, Mojito and a non alcoholic cocktail, Pineapple Surprise. Our aim as always is to get a good balance with the vodka, gin and rum cocktails. The night went quickly and we had lots of fun mixing and having great banter with everyone. Everyone soon got in the party mood, standing around the bar chatting with one another, while eating nibbles, cakes and drinking…….David is an expert party host!!

We finished serving cocktails after a couple of hours, so while we were stripping down the bar and packing everything away, the party carried on as David led all his guests into the lounge where David showed us his dancing skills with his partner and then started a quiz.

Thank you also David, for your kind comments in your Testimonial.

We are now looking forward to the next event: This will be a lovely wedding which promises to be a fun filled and relaxed event as weddings should be. Cheshire Cocktails look forward to being part of this special day.

What is your favourite “go to” cocktail drink at this January time of year? If its dry January for you, there are a fabulous range of non alcoholic cocktails to get you in the party mood!

Lets Mix It Up!

Derek and the Team.

Ready to start mixing a Cosmoploitan!

Ready to start mixing a Cosmopolitan!

“Dear Derek and Tom. Thank you so much again for your excellent service. Everyone was impressed and it helped make the party a great success. Thanks again, David”

David Johnson



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