Corporate Cocktail Party, Northwich, Cheshire

Posted by Derek Hughes on 20th July 2018.

Corporate Cocktail Party, Northwich, Cheshire

Corporate Cocktail Party Cheshire

Last Friday night we were invited by a lovely lady called Rachael to provide a Cocktail Bar at her companies belated Christmas Party. Rachael  runs a mobile catering company near Northwich, Cheshire and is obviously very busy during the Christmas period. The event was held on a wonderful farm in Lostock Gralam, a perfect setting for a belated Christmas Party.

We had been watching the weather all week, hoping for more of the recent gorgeous hot sunshine (with our finger’s crossed) to see if we could set up in the gardens. Sadly, though, due to the inclement weather we decided to set up in the fabulous farmhouse kitchen. We just managed to finish setting it up before the heavens opened! Phew!!

The  Christmas party was now a summer  Cocktail party- what a great idea!

The guests kept us busy most of the night, with a popular themed Cocktail going on, all were ordering the “Blue One” this was the Passionate Blue Cocktail. “Passionate Blue” was rated as the most popular drink of the night other favourites included “Walkin on the Peaches”, “Mojito” of course as well as “Tequila Sunrise”,  Red and White Wine along with Gin and Tonic were also popular.

Rachael and her team had prepared some amazing food including lovely salad dishes, coleslaw, potato salad and rice dishes to compliment the gorgeous hog roast, beef and the ‘crackling’  which was to die for- all provided by a local butcher Ibbotson’s of Sandiway.

The event went very well and it was great that the weather held off at night so that all the guests could party outside and enjoy all the drinks, Cocktails and the food.

I was supported on the night by my son Thomas and  long standing friend and talented mixologist Pete, they thoroughly enjoyed the event as all the guests were really sociable and friendly.

We are looking forward to the next event now!

What is your favourite “go to” cocktail drink at this Summer time of year? Maybe we can can make you one at your own event.

Lets Mix It Up! Derek and the Cheshire Cocktails Team

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