Cocktail Demonstration for Hen Party in Ruthin

Posted by Derek Hughes on 25th October 2018.

Cocktail Demonstration for Hen Party in Ruthin

Cocktail Demonstration for Hen Party in Ruthin North Wales

Hen Parties are always going to be fun and this was no exception! On a Saturday afternoon in early October, we went to a venue in the middle of nowhere! (or so it seemed). It was in a lovely house in Clocaenog, near Ruthin. North Wales. The venue was surrounded by beautiful countryside, with rolling hills and stunning scenery. The house had a large “chill out” room downstairs and a fantastic hot tub (outside) area.. Perfect for parties!

We set up the ‘pop up’ mobile cocktail bar in the ‘chill out’ room downstairs and then explained to the “hens” a brief history and who invented the cocktails, then demonstrated to the group of ‘hens’ how to make the individual cocktails they had chosen they were all keen to get started on making their own drinks, they did this in pairs and had lots of fun doing so and obviously enjoyed drinking them afterwards. It was hilarious and sometimes a bit messy but great fun for everyone.

They chose classic cocktails including:


Singapore Sling


In fact one of the ladies impressed us all by balancing a pineapple on her head, you never know what talents people have and are keen to show us especially at hen parties!!

All the lovely hens kept us entertained and looked after us making coffee and ensuring we had everything we wanted: that was really nice of them and much appreciated.

It was a lovely fun, chilled afternoon and evening too, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

We love to do cocktail demonstrations at hen parties and enjoy the chaos and fun that inevitably goes with close friend and relatives celebrating the upcoming nuptials.

Have you considered a fun cocktail demonstration for your celebrations?

“Mix it up”- Derek & the team

The hens mixing their own cocktails!

The bride to be Laura, showing her balancing skills!

“Fiona-Cudworth-Elks. 7th Oct 19:32 A fantastic cocktail making class for a hen party. Derek came out to the house we had rented in North Wales, set everything up and was very knowledgeable about the cocktails we all made, plus they were delicious! Creative cocktails. Great value”




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