Cocktail Demonstration Events

Posted by Derek Hughes on 15th February 2011.

We have found every year that we have been in business, that their is often a trend each calendar year, for a certain type of event i.e. one year it might be hen nights are the most popular, the next year, it could be a birthday (of a particular age). This year, it seems the trend has been for ‘cocktail demos’ one or two of us will show you how to make cocktails, at events, where the numbers of guests are smaller. These events are always ‘fun nights’, not just for our staff, but for the guests at the party as well. We normally ask the client to choose 5 or 6 cocktails, for our portfolio. Then when we come to the event, we explain the history of the particular cocktail, then show the guests how to make it. Finally, the guests, make theie own cocktils, then the best bit, they drink them afterwards. We normally allow 1/2 an hour between cocktails, to allow for each cocktail to be demonstrated/drank, then we move onto the next drink. These type of events are great for coporate team building. We would also type up the cocktail menue’s for you, (as part of the service), and bring with us all the necessary equipment. Hope this gives you an idea for your next party!


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