Chester Half Marathon

Posted by Derek Hughes on 30th April 2018.

Yesterday one of the owners of Cheshire Cocktails Derek ran the Chester Half Marathon. He did really well and completed it in just over 2 hours. Here is his insight in how the day went and before it with his training.

There were plenty of people there supporting him and below are some questions that we thought you might have wanted to find out!

Well Derek how did you feel before the race started?

“I felt nervous and excited all at the same time, a weird feeling as I have never done anything like this before”.

What sort of training schedule did you do before the day of the race?

“I started running twice a week in November last year. Then started to up my training in January and ran sometimes after working 12 hours in the dark and when it was snowing/ice on pavements, (which was not ideal). But the roads were safe to run on! I tried to run at least 2 or 3 times per week as I was committed to the training plan. Only increasing my distance over the last 8 weeks or so. The last 2 weeks I reduced my training right back to shorter runs to save myself for the big day”.

Have you changed your diet or eaten anything different or drank anything different over the last few months?

“No, I just ate normally and did not change my diet but drank loads of water where I could to re-hydrate properly”.

Are you running for any particular charity?

“My chosen charity was to run for the Human Milk Bank, this is to raise money for premature babies that need a very small portion of donor milk”.

How did you find running on the actual race day?

“The actual day was great from start to finish, really well organised. To be involved in a race of over 6000 people was amazing. I walked 5 minutes before I crossed the start line! Then I ran my own race, as I did not go ‘all guns blazing’ at the start but run instead at my normal running speed. As I wanted to enjoy the run and do the run in about 2 hours 20 minutes but I did better than I thought and did it 2 hours 11minutes. The run is quite hilly and the last little bit back into Chester was all up hill!”

Finally Derek would you do this race again next year or enter a full Marathon?

“Well I am a bit unsure at the moment as my legs are still a bit sore/stiff from from yesterday. Ask me the same question in a week or two! All joking aside though, it was a great experience and really inspiring”

“I would not hesitate to recommend to anybody to participate in this uplifting/challenging event”

“Mix it up” – Derek & the team


Half way point! Going strong!

Derek celebrating with his Son and his two Brothers!


Waiting for the the well deserved pint!

Joy after the race!


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