Singapore Sling-Cocktail Singapore Sling-Cocktail Recipe

Posted by Derek Hughes on Friday 16th November, 2018

Singapore Sling-Cocktail This cocktail was invented by Hgiam Tong. It was a boom for the Raffles Hotel Bar in Singapore between 1910-1915. There have been several recipes since Raffles designed […]

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Grasshopper-Cocktail Grasshopper-Cocktail Recipe

Posted by Derek Hughes on Wednesday 31st October, 2018

Grasshopper-Cocktail As it is nearly Halloween night! We have mixed a spooky cocktail to have at any great party! It will certainly fit in with the Halloween theme. This old […]

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Long Island Iced Tea-Cocktail Long Island Iced Tea-Cocktail Recipe

Posted by Derek Hughes on Friday 24th August, 2018

Long Island Iced Tea-Cocktail This is a summer drink and was first served in the mid 1970’s by Robert Butts, a barman at the Oak Beech Inn, in the town […]

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B52-Cocktail (Shooter) B52-Cocktail (Shooter) Recipe

Posted by Derek Hughes on Tuesday 31st July, 2018

B52-Cocktail (Shooter) How to make the above cocktail, (it is know as a shooter or shot) and is a mixture of spirits/liqueurs and is normally consumed quickly, often in one […]

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Black Russian-Cocktail Black Russian-Cocktail Recipe

Posted by Derek Hughes on Saturday 30th June, 2018

Black Russian-Cocktail As the World Cup is on, we thought we would mix a cocktail with a Russian theme. This cocktail first appeared in 1949 and even though the name […]

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