Brandy Alexander-Cocktail

Posted by Derek Hughes on 30th November 2020.

Brandy Alexander-Cocktail

Brandy Alexander-Cocktail

Hello Everyone, we hope that you are keeping well and safe and staying at home during this month of November, that will probably extend into the next few months. At least now, we can get out for unlimited exercise and only meet up with one person from another household outside in a park (for example).

We thought we would show you how to make another summer cocktail, called the Brandy Alexander-Cocktail. As it is Autumn and miserable outside toady, we thought we would brighten up you day with another cocktail called the Brandy Alexander-Cocktail. The origin/history of the Brandy Alexander-cocktail is that it can be traced back to the 20th century. It is a variation of an earlier cocktail, known as the Alexander (a gin based drink).

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment.

This is a fairly straight forward cocktail to make but also very easy to drink too.

To make this cocktail, you will need to follow these simple steps.

Kick yourself back, relax and enjoy! When making your cocktails.

Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite cocktail at this time of year? Message us please and let us know, thank you.

Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team! x

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  • 25ml Brandy
  • 25ml Kalhula
  • ½ Cream/Milk
  • Ice Cubes


  • Margarita Glass (or something similar from your cupboard)
  • Strainer or Sieve
  • Cocktail Pourers
  • Cocktail Shaker/Glass
  • 2 x sip straws (optional)


  • Place a few ice cubes in the margarita glass to pre-chill it.
  • Pour 25ml Brandy, 25ml Kalhula and ½ Milk/Cream into a cocktail shaker along with a few ice cubes about a third of the way up, inside the cocktail shaker.
  • Shake the cocktail 10/15 times over your shoulder, until properly mixed.
  • Then pour the drink into the glass by straining it first, throwing the ice away first. Finally, serve with a couple of sip straws, if you would like too.