Posted by Derek Hughes on 13th February 2019.



As it is nearly Valentine’s Day, we thought of the ideal cocktail that you can make for your partner! As one of the famous cocktails to come from Italy is the Bellini, which is made with sparkling white wine (Prosecco or Champagne) mixed with peach purée or we prefer to use Peach Snaps. The drink was invented in Italy in between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, the head bartender and owner, of one of the most famous bars in the world, called Harry’s Bar, in Venice.

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment

This is a short cocktail and very enjoyable too! Perfect for a special occasion or the summer.

 Lets “Mix it Up” Derek and the Team!


  • Peach Snaps
  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • Small Strawberry


  • Champagne Glass
  • Knife and chopping board


  • To make this cocktail, you will need to pour in the single measure (25ml) of Peach Snaps into the bottom of a ‘highly polished’ champagne glass.
  • Then top up the glass using either Champagne or Prosecco.
  • For decoration you could put a strawberry on the side of the glass. Relax and enjoy the drink!