60th Birthday Retirement Party

Posted by Derek Hughes on 14th December 2018.

60th Birthday Retirement Party

60th Birthday Retirement Party

On the first weekend in December we had the pleasure of being asked to set up one of our ‘pop up’ bars for a 60th Birthday Retirement Party “do” for a lovely couple, in a spectacular party house on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. This was the perfect chill out venue and party house, you couldn’t fail to have fun.

The first guests to arrive at the house were a mixture of family and friends, after everyone had a chance to settle in it was then the turn of the hair salon staff to arrive. They had just finished their workday and were surprised and delighted that there was a ‘free cocktail bar,’ serving delicious drinks. The drinks being Prosecco cocktails, plus a Singapore Sling and the Godfather cocktail. We tried to get a good balance with the Prosecco and the gin and whisky cocktails. The night went quickly and we had lots of fun mixing all the drinks and keeping everyone in the ‘party mood’ wanting more drinks!! The party was worthy of 60 years celebrations and retirement -it was a great night.

We also had a ‘little helper’ Katie, who served some of the drinks, on a tray to the guests, for us. Katie was an absolute star!! I think she secretly enjoyed it! She still is talking about that night..bless her.

The rest of the weekend was really relaxing, spent in the in the hot tub, cinema room and just chilling in the beautiful surroundings, all the guests brought a dish to eat on Saturday night and a private chef came in on the Sunday, serving a wonderful roast dinner meal. Also on the Sunday night we had a singer coming in, singing smooth and cover songs, fantastic evening, great fun was had by all.

We are now looking forward to the next event: This will be a lovely wedding, early on in the New Year.

What is your favourite “go to” cocktail drink at this Christmas time of year?

Lets Mix It Up!

Derek and the Team.

Someone having a good time!

“I had the pleasure of being at this Birthday/Retirement party. I have to say that Cheshire Cocktails were very professional and very entertaining. Didn't think I would enjoy cocktails quite as much as I did. Would highly recommend them for private parties.”

Stephen Buswell


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