44th Birthday Party

Posted by Derek Hughes on 29th July 2014.

44th Birthday Party

In mid July we completed Nicky’s 44th Birthday Party, the theme was black tie. Everyone made the effort to dress up and looked really good! We had a brilliant night working in Lytham and a fantastic venue to hold a party, using our services. Lovely people to work for Jason and Nicky and the bar was busy all night. It was just a shame that we had to set up in the lovely kitchen instead of outside, due to the inclement weather. We just hope that their were not too many sore heads in the morning!

James mixing a cocktail

“Thanks Derek, Yes it was a great night-thank you and please thank James and Jackie. The evening was legendary - it was 4:15 by the time I went to bed and the rest of the guests were attempting to emulate the cocktails using the sheet you left - so most of the bottles got opened House back in order and work surfaces sanded and re-oiled by Sunday night. Yes – we do have the extension lead – give us a call when you are passing and I have it ready for you. Thanks again. Jason and Nicky Coyne ”

Jason and Nicky Coyne


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